Smart Waste Management Platform

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Our web platform simplifies IoT management of any quantity or complexity. Used by businesses worldwide across a broad range of industries, we connect people with valuable data derived from IoT-enabled assets, providing them with real-time visibility and control over their operations.

When deployed in cities to enable smart waste management, you can view the locations of all IoT-enabled assets, schedule waste collections based on live information, and identify areas for optimisation using IoT derived data–all of which are easily manageable from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Smart Waste Management Platform Features

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Live Asset Monitoring

Track staff, waste bin and truck locations, waste collection statuses, bin fill levels and more, all from a single platform. Alerts can also be set up to further facilitate monitoring.

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Route Optimisation

Our IoT integrated web platform allows you to plan waste collection trips with real-time data and
optimise waste collection routes through smart system algorithms.

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Reporting & Analytics

When your monitoring platform is connected to IoT devices, this collates useful data such as trip duration times, fleet telematics, driver behaviour, and job productivity reports.

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Universal Integration

Our 24/7 available cloud-based web platform integrates with virtually any IoT hardware and software, and can be accessed from any desktop, mobile or tablet device through internet access.

Advantages Of An IoT Enabled Waste Management Platform

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Optimise Waste Collection/Disposal

Plan cleaning jobs, optimise vehicles routes and allocate resources efficiently based on real-time data derived from IoT devices. Labour-intensive tasks are also automated in an IoT enabled waste management system.

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Understand & Improve Performance

IoT devices enable real-time data insights on bin collection patterns, fleet metrics, driver behaviour patterns and service productivity, so you can optimise performance and regulate costs across the entire waste management process.

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Maximise Productivity & Visibility

An IoT enabled waste management system offers the highest form of monitoring and data connectivity. Receive live alerts on job statuses and always ensure operations are completed on schedule and within regulatory obligations

How It Works

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    Our suite of IoT sensors and devices installed on your assets are connected to a cloud-based web platform.

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    Staff can monitor assets in real-time, and obtain full visibility of asset locations at all times from one centralised place that is available 24/7.

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    Insightful data can be gleaned from an IoT network to empower decision making and improve waste operation planning.


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