IoT Fill Level Sensor

Reduce Waste Collection Trips With Waste Level Tracking

We transform ordinary waste containers into smartbins and automated compactors through the installation of IoT sensors. This allows staff to perform remote monitoring and schedule tasks whenever the bin or compactor is full, improving labour efficiency while ensuring premises are kept clean.

IoT-Enabled Bin Features

Fill level and Odour Monitoring Icon

Fill-Level & Odour Monitoring

Our bin sensor components consist of a laser sensor for monitoring bin waste levels, and an odour sensor to alert on collections, and prevent pest attractions.

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Low Battery Notifications

The waste bin battery will automatically send an alert to our cloud-based platform if the power is running low, ensuring the uptime of the IoT devices.

Task Automation

Live monitoring of waste levels reduces waste collection trips and saves manual labour by offering remote control of operations, and maximises waste compaction.

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Accurate & Compatible

Our IoT sensors can detect changes in waste levels and odours reliably, are compatible with any bin, container or compactor, and can monitor any waste type in real-time.

Advantages Of IoT-Enabled Bins

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Save Time & Labour

With an automated bin and compactor system, staff do not have to constantly check waste bin levels. Waste compactors can also be operated remotely, reducing manual labour.

Improve Cleanliness and Efficiency Icon

Improve Cleanliness Efficiency

Our IoT sensors ensure that bins and compactors reach their maximum capacity before sending alerts for waste collections, improving waste compaction and saving time and fuel needed for bin collection trips.

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Improve Planning With Data Insights

Our system allows staff to identify hotspots with overflowing bins, and the data collected can be used for predictive analysis and informed decision-making. Vehicle route planning, bin collection timings, and bin locations can be optimised based on the data derived from our system.

How It Works

  • 1

    Bin fill level and/or odour sensors are installed on bins or compactors.

  • 2

    Bin fill level data is collected and transmitted to our cloud-based smart waste management platform in real-time.

  • 3

    Our system provides a live dashboard that enables staff to monitor waste data in real-time. When the bin or compactor reaches capacity, our system sends an alert to staff to collect the waste, ensuring timely and efficient waste disposal.


Increase in Waste Collection Efficiency


Improved Planning
with IoT Data


Bin Sensors Installed

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