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V3 Smart Technologies can provide you with R&D expertise on advanced navigation technology for Autonomous Guided Vehicle (AGV) development, thus saving you time and resources.

Our CRE technology integrates with all AGVs, regardless of manufacturer, and minimising development costs, while offering the highest degree of autonomy and safety in operations. Equipped with obstacle-detecting sensors, vehicle localisation, vehicle control, and route mapping features, CRE-powered AGVs work seamlessly alongside staff and can navigate environments easily without relying on external infrastructure installations.

How CRE Powered AGVs Benefit You

Navigate Freely

With LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) and visualisation sensors, AGVs can navigate environments freely without restrictions from static lanes, external infrastructure, or lighting conditions.

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Fast Installation

Using obstacle detection sensors, CRE-powered AGVs do not require floor sensors, magnetic tape, wires, or floor reference points to navigate, making installation quick and easy.

Save Time & Resources

CRE eliminates the need to reinvent the wheel by offering technology that is readily backed by 18 years of R&D, and successfully deployed in CRE fitted machines.

Compatible With Most Vehicles

CRE is compatible with various vehicles, hardware, or software components, such as motors, sensors, and control interfaces, enabling fast and easy integration.

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Ensure Safe Operations At Work

Obstacle detection and avoidance sensors allow CRE-powered AGVs to navigate infrastructure and work alongside people safely, optimising productivity while ensuring that the workflow remains uninterrupted.

Supports Task Automation

Depth-sensing cameras and laser range scanners enable accurate object detection for picking, sorting, and moving related tasks. AGVs can also record planned paths to perform assigned tasks accurately.

How It Works


Our team of solution experts will provide automation navigation technology for your AGV development.


Once we have ascertained your needs, we will proceed to build and install the navigation components for the respective AGV.


Developed AGVs will be tested to ensure compliance with customised requirements and work as planned.

Why Choose CRE For AGV Development

Save Money On

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Utilise Advanced & Proven Technology

Safe, Compatible & Integrates With All AGVs

Proven AGV development technology.
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