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Intelligent Detection For Around The Clock Security

Our video analytics and image analysis software uses re-identification and deep learning technologies to intelligently detect any unusual or suspicious activity.

Through sophisticated video analytics powered by AI, organisations are able to gain 24/7 situational awareness whenever events of interest or anomalies happen, and attain valuable insights by gathering data in real-time.

Oversee, Control and Optimise Security With
Powerful Video Surveillance


AI-Powered Analytics

State of the art AI
algorithms enable accurate
detection of objects or
people in challenging


Comprehensive Features

One single platform
consolidates all the features
you need to ensure security
– from detecting real-time
events and anomalies, to
providing assistance in
investigations and analysis.


Unique SaaS

Gain infinite scalability
while minimising upfront
capital expenditure and
eliminating ongoing
maintenance costs.


Smart Decision Making
With 24/7 Data Insights

Around the clock video
surveillance ensures all
events of interest are
detected, eliminating
human errors or oversight
and keeping you informed
to make the right call at
any time.

What Vision Analytics Can Do For Your Business

V3’s intelligent vision analytics keeps the highest safety measures in place by giving businesses and organisations real-time awareness on possible risks, and the ability to swiftly take action to protect their assets. Prevent danger and minimise risks to people, premises and assets and gain the upper hand in investigations with ease.


Intrusion Detection

Instantly detect unauthorised entries
to your premises and protect against
security breaches. Monitor all areas
from a single platform and take action
against intruders with immediate


Compliance Monitoring

Ensure SOPs are being followed and detect non-compliance. Monitor workplace health and safety regulations and prevent accidents from happening.


Quality Assurance & Control

Automate and improve quality inspection processes. Increase customer satisfaction with improved quality assurance on services or goods production.


Anomalies Detection

Identify events of interest or unusual occurrences and prevent situations from escalating. Take control and know if illegal activities are occurring or if lives are being endangered.


Facial Recognition

Identify people of interest with accurate and near real-time facial recognition technology. Verify their identities in the shortest timespan possible to assist with investigations.


Crowd Management

Monitor areas with crowd counting and over-crowding detection. Make sure head counts are within regulations at all times and perform crowd control whenever needed.

With V3’s Vision Analytics Solution, You Can


Automate Surveillance Monitoring with Real-Time Alerts

Utilise video streams for automated surveillance and real-time detection of workspace risks. Respond flexibly and immediately to anomaly detections with real-time alerts.


Increase Quality Control & Safety Compliance

Ensure quality assurance by inspecting workspace and processes.
Detect non-compliance in hazardous work zones and increase workplace safety.


Analyse Data To Gain Business Intelligence

Gather data on detections to get insights on security challenges and patterns. Analyse these data trends to improve business planning and mitigate security risks.


Optimise Costs &

Reduce manpower required for on-premise monitoring while maintaining a high degree of security. Increase labour efficiency and minimise costs without compromising on reliability.

Protect Important Assets With Ease.
Make The Smart Choice Today.