General – About Asset Tracking for Industries

This refers to the assets of your company, including staff, vehicles, or equipment. With our fleet management system and workforce management system, you can monitor the location, status, and performance of these assets.

Having effective fleet management will give you unparalleled fleet visibility, cost control and performance feedback. With a fleet management system implemented, you can:

  • Monitor fleet status, performance, fuel usage and driver behaviour.
  • Optimise routes to save on fuel and time.
  • Improve fleet safety by tracking reckless driving.
  • Improve fleet maintenance with automated servicing reminders.

Moving from excel spreadsheets and multiple modes of communication to one centralised platform for managing your staff and job orders will greatly boost your team’s productivity. With a workforce management system implemented, you can:

  • Schedule jobs faster compared to manual scheduling.
  • Reduce time spent on manual form processing.
  • Reduce manual human errors.
  • Increase productivity by 50% with a digitalised, streamlined work process.
  • Track staff attendance and record proof of work.

For companies managing vehicle fleets or groups of field staff, asset tracking will be beneficial as it streamlines the work process. This will make fleet operations and field work more productive, accountable and also aid in performance tracking. Below are examples of how asset tracking is critical to various industries:

  • Construction – Heavy vehicle tracking allows managers to efficiently coordinate equipment delivery and monitor truck loads.
  • Logistics – Last-mile delivery routes can be optimised to save time and fuel.
  • F&B – Cold-chain and perishable F&B goods can be monitored with IoT temperature sensors to ensure products are kept fresh during transport.
  • Healthcare – Increases response time for emergency services, and also tracking of essential medical supplies.
  • Pest control – Improves response time and allows managers to efficiently coordinate pest control vans to client sites.
  • Vehicle rental – Provides driver ETA, route optimisation, and seamless vehicle booking management to improve passenger experience and reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for third-party call centres.
  • Cleaning services – Enables managers to remotely track attendance of cleaning field staff and also task progress.

Solution Implementation & Usage

Yes, in fact, our solutions are supporting many companies operating in different countries worldwide. Our support team can be easily reached via email, phone, or online chat.

We will first propose a solution to best fit your requirements. After which, during the implementation phase, we will provide you with our software and mobile app for download, as well as arrange for hardware installation, a one-time setup, and system integration should you need it.

Yes, you can. We have designed our fleet and workforce management mobile apps specifically for that. These will allow your field staff to report completed jobs in real-time to the back-end web portal, where your managerial staff can review all job statuses.

We regularly update our software to improve user experience and functionality, and our apps are available on both iOS and Android.

Solution Plan Subscription

Our solution will be proposed according to your requirements, and will typically consist of our web portal and mobile application, combined with installable hardware depending on your number of assets.

We have flexible price plans to suit small to large enterprises. Our contracts include a one-time setup fee at the start, followed by the subsequent monthly subscription fees per trackable asset.

Our staff are happy to help if you need assistance with your current plan. If you have new vehicles that need tracking, or have existing vehicles to retire, you can let our staff know and we will update your plan for you.

Data Import/Export, Customisation & Security

Yes, our support team is experienced in integrating our software with your existing system or external applications. Our web portal also allows you to import data from excel spreadsheets into our system.

Yes, our web portal allows you to export and download your report as a csv.

Yes, you can easily set up maintenance reminders and expiry reminders for vehicle compliance, and choose to receive them via email, SMS or in the web portal.

Yes, our system lets you create job forms and report forms based on your specific requirements. You can add and customise the fields in each form for staff to fill up, such as e-signature, customer rating, image upload, barcode labelling, email, and date selection.

Our backend system runs on a cloud server secured by virtual private cloud security policies to prevent unauthorised access to your data while ensuring stable connectivity. Besides this, our system also offers role-based access for staff logins which can be controlled by admin users.

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