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Smart IoT Solutions for Cleaner, Connected Cities

V3 Smart Technologies is Singapore’s leading provider of Smart IoT solutions, with a goal of transforming cities into smarter, more efficient places. Our integrated suite of Smart IoT solutions is powered by V3Nity™ software engine and trusted by governments, businesses, and industry leaders around the world.

By using our IoT solutions, you can gather valuable data for better decision-making, gain operational visibility, and automate tasks to increase labour efficiency.

Reach Higher Levels Of Waste Management Efficiency

V3 Smart Technologies aims to eliminate the challenges of waste management that metropolitan cities face. Our intelligent solutions connect IoT devices to a market-leading cloud-based web platform, enabling asset tracking, bin fill level monitoring, load monitoring, automated processes, and data analytics. The result is faster, more streamlined waste operations that are highly labour-efficient.

How IoT Transforms Cities & Enhances Quality of Life

Implemented in cities worldwide, our IoT-enabled waste management solution helps government bodies, waste collection agencies, and bin manufacturers achieve 50% more overall cleanliness efficiency. With smart IoT, you can extract valuable data, solve operational inefficiencies, and ensure that environments are always clean and welcoming to residents and visitors.

Advantages Of An IoT-Enabled Smart City

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Clean & Sustainable

  • Minimise overflowing bins, pest problems, and visible litter.
  • Gather customer feedback on cleanliness satisfaction.
  • Decrease fuel consumption, traffic congestion, and carbon footprint by reducing the number of waste trucks on the road.

Visible & Accountable

  • Monitor service performance and ensure tasks are completed on schedule.
  • Ensure compliance with regulations and prevent mistakes or malpractice.
  • Understand operational performance from data analytics for informed decision making.
V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Efficient & Controlled

  • Optimise waste collection and disposal route planning for maximum efficiency.
  • Improve safety for staff and reduce labour intensity in work environments.
  • Streamline waste management processes through smart resource allocation and task automation

Trusted By Over 5,000 Clients

Trusted by some of the most reliable public organisations in the world.

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