Vehicle Tracking with Fleet Management Software

Accurate GPS Tracking with AI-Powered Fleet Management Software

V3 Smart Technologies understands the struggles that come with managing a fleet of heavy vehicles. This is why we have dedicated ourselves to creating a fleet management solution, powered by our V3Nity™ software engine, which significantly improves how you handle fleets of all sizes. We make it possible for businesses to track, analyse and plan the movements of their fleet – anytime, anywhere.

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All-In-One Fleet Management System

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Track vehicle location and view up-to-date telematics data through our web platform or mobile app.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Smarter Decisions

Monitor fleet operations instantly and access driver or fleet data to enable intelligent business decisions and faster response times.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

24/7 Performance

Online availability of data from a cloud-based service lets you access fleet data and vehicle locations whenever needed.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Intuitive Interface

Experience a customisable, user-friendly interface that enables comprehensive, clear reporting.

Intelligent Fleet Management Solution for
Optimising Fleets

V3’s Fleet Management Solution optimises your entire fleet management process by offering you fleet visibility, convenience and actionable insight in one complete solution. With the power of vehicle telematics at your fingertips, you can easily view driver safety scores, ensure all vehicles are compliant with regulations, and evaluate your fleet performance.

Real Time Monitoring Icon

Real-Time Monitoring

Track fleet movement and communicate with drivers instantly in the event of unforeseen scenarios.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Route Optimisation

Find the fastest routes with intelligent system algorithms that take into account real-time road traffic data, destination location distance, and historical route patterns.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.


Ensure all drivers stay on pre-planned routes and monitor vehicle movements within assigned areas.

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Fleet Security

Driver identification accessories, tampering and fuel theft alerts provide an additional layer of security to your fleet.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Predictive Maintenance

Plan maintenance in advance to avoid downtime and service disruptions with continuous vehicle health monitoring.

Report Analysis Icon

Report Analysis

Auto-generated, comprehensive driver and fleet reports help facilitate more informed business decisions.

Insurance Savings

Gather accurate and evidence-based data on driving patterns to obtain more competitive quotes from car insurance providers.

Driver Telematics

Improve driver performance and safety with in-depth data such as speeding, harsh braking, cornering and idling.

Event Alert | Notification

Event Alerts

Get alerts for a wide range of events (e.g. dangerous driving behaviour, COE expiry and geofence exits) through push notifications, email or SMS.

How Our Fleet Management System Works

  • 1

    GPS Tracker Installation

    Install GPS trackers on your vehicles to capture live fleet data. Besides GPS tracking, we also provide IoT sensors for monitoring temperature, fuel, loads, or vehicle tampering which are used in various industries.

  • 2

    Routes Scheduling

    Schedule routes and perform fleet tracking in real-time via our web portal. With V3Nity FMS, you can also analyse historical trip reports, detect idling and be notified about geofencing violations.

  • 3

    View Trips Anywhere

    Drivers can view upcoming trips, driving summaries and track their own safety and performance on our mobile app.

  • 4

    Telematics Data & Analysis

    View cloud-based fleet telematics either on mobile devices or desktops. Access information on mileage, location, speed summary, driver behaviour, fuel consumption, and more.


Increase in Operational Efficiency


Fleet & Staff Visibility


Increase in Fuel Cost Savings

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