Assessing & Minimising AV Driving Risks

Safer AV Driving with Advanced Risk Mitigation

V3’s AI driving risk management solution is a patented and integrated, end-to-end driving risk profiling solution which predicts autonomous vehicle (AV) driving risks to prevent accidents.

Our solution brings transparency to AV safety through constant monitoring of AI systems in AVs. Together, we can ensure greater peace of mind on our roads, and allow users to assess, measure and mitigate AV driving risks according to industry safety standards.

AI Driving Risk Management,
Designed For The Future

Measure EV & AV Risk

Measure EV &
AV Risk

Live driving data is gathered from dash cams and sensors to accurately assess driving risk and predict driving patterns.

Reduce Claims

Reduce Claims

By providing accurate driver risk rating profiles, our solution enables more precise underwriting for auto insurance policies and promotes safer driving habits.

Secure End-To-End Solution

Secure End-To-End

Driver and vehicle data are protected and accessible in real-time from our AI driving risk management solution.

Open Integration

Open Integration

Our solution seamlessly integrates with third-party enterprise software to provide ease of data access while providing driver risk profiles and comprehensive reports.

Making Autonomous Driving Safe For Everyone

V3’s AI driving risk management solution is designed to address driving risk concerns in the AV industry. Our goal is to assist you in monitoring and reducing AV driving risks through:



Our solution detects unsafe driving behaviour and situations, and alerts drivers along with their passengers to proactively prevent accidents.


Reduction in
Accident Claims

Through reliable risk evaluation for drivers and real-time driving monitoring, we can minimise accidents and in turn, reduce claims for vehicles.

Accurate Risk Measurements for AV Underwriters

Accurate Risk Measurements
for AV Underwriters

Driving risk profiles created from data gathered by our solution will allow AV underwriters to accurately assess driving safety and improve insurance policies.

Safe Driving Encouragement

Safe Driving

Drivers can be monitored through risk rating profiles, and rewarded with lower priced auto insurance premiums to incentivise safe driving habits.

Safe Driving Encouragement

Optimisation of the
Mobility Network

Real-time vehicle data can be accessed from the cloud, allowing for quick diagnostics in the transport network and improving shared mobility services for drivers and passengers.

Higher Traffic Efficiency

Higher Traffic

With AV safety monitoring in a highly connected transport network, we can minimise road accidents and provide drivers access to real-time traffic data to reduce road congestion.

How Our AI Driving Risk Management Solution Works

  • 1

    Easy to Implement

    Analyse driving risk more accurately by using vehicle dash cams and sensors together with your smartphone.

  • 2

    Accessible on Mobile

    Access trip logs, accident reports, 3D maps and driving risk scores on-the-go with ease through our user-friendly mobile app.

  • 3

    Connected in Real-time

    Sync vehicle data on demand with our solution to access up-to date information anytime.

A Solution That Benefits All In The AV Industry

In addition to enforcing AV driving safety, our solution provides reliable risk ratings for auto insurance underwriting. By integrating blockchain security with big data collection, AV safety monitoring is accurate and transparent to drivers, underwriters, auto manufacturers, and AV policy decision-makers.

Automotive Underwriters

Automotive Underwriters


AV Developers

AV Developers


MaaS Providers

MaaS Providers


Fleet Owners

Fleet Owners


Traffic & Government Agencies

Traffic & Government Agencies




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