CRE Robot Machine

CRE Creates Value For
Your Assets

Instead of replacing existing machinery with automated robots, you can retrofit your equipment with our CRE technology to achieve the same outcome at much lower overhead costs.

This works by integrating our CRE technology into a compact unit (termed the Robotics Brain) that can be retrofitted to any manually operated machine or vehicle. The CRE-powered machine is then transformed into an autonomous robot capable of machine learning, recording historical routes, image capturing, obstacle detection, and data transmission to our cloud-based platform for remote monitoring.

How CRE Powered Robots Benefit You

Fast & Easy To Install

Simply retrofit CRE to any manually-driven industrial or service machinery to enable automated work. CRE powered machines are successfully deployed across most industries, ranging from floor scrubbers to forklifts.

Maximise Team Productivity

CRE frees staff from low-skilled, labour-intensive tasks, so they can focus on completing more important ones. With CRE, issues like staff absentees and high turnovers are also mitigated.

Safe & Smart operations Icon

Safe & Smart Operations

Keep work areas safe and receive alerts in real-time with intelligent cameras and LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) navigation sensors, while capturing visual data for analysis.

Work with familiar Equipment Icon

Work With Familiar Equipment

With CRE powering your pre-existing machines, your staff can work comfortably without the need to familiarise themselves with overly complex or new equipment.

Save Costs With Retrofit Solutions

Upgrade existing assets without spending on new machinery. CRE transforms entire fleets of service vehicles into self-regulating units for higher work efficiency and cost savings.

Cloud-Based Monitoring

Monitor CRE-fitted machines, track historical performance and receive image reports anytime and anywhere from our cloud-based software.

How It Works


Retrofit our CRE unit to your manually-driven machines or vehicles, such as forklifts, floor scrubbers and pallet trucks.


Enable route learning using the interactive display dashboard fitted to the machine. The machine will then follow the designated route to perform the task.


Routes learned can be scheduled as tasks from the display dashboard. The machine will also capture images while working.


Staff can remotely monitor completed tasks from our cloud-based web platform, including captured images and recorded data for analysis purposes.

Why Choose CRE For Industrial Automation

Improve Labour Efficiency Icon

Improve Labour Efficiency

Save Money by Retrofitting

Monitor from anywhere Icon

Monitor Work From Anywhere

Machine Transformed Icon

Over 1,000 Machines Transformed

Automate your operations with intelligent robotics. Make the smart choice today.