Bluetooth Tracking Solution

Track Waste Management Assets At All Times

BLE Beacons are an efficient, cost-effective way to track assets. By simply installing them onto an asset, the asset’s location is immediately viewable from our web platform. When installed on waste bins, BLE Beacons provide full visibility of bin locations and help ensure bins are placed at the right locations.

BLE Beacon Features

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Compact & Easy To Install

BLE Beacons are discreet and can be installed on vehicle dashboards and integrates easily with vehicle trackers.

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Cost-Effective Compared To RFID

Besides its low maintenance and infrastructure installation costs, BLE Beacons offer superior range connectivity to that of RFID tags.

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Accessible & Scalable

Our Beacons can be sensed by any technology with BLE readers and can be used with laptops and mobile devices.

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Reliable Detection

BLE technology accurately detects up to 10 meters and consumes less energy compared to RFID, hence needing less battery replacements.

Advantages of BLE Waste Collection

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Prevent Bin Misplacement/Wrong Collection

BLE enabled waste bins only allow collection/disposal jobs when the correct bin ID is detected, preventing staff from collecting/offloading the wrong bin.

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Fully Visible Operations

Staff can monitor statuses of all waste collection/disposal jobs in real-time including last bin location, conveniently from one platform.

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Improve Timeliness & Accountability

Compared to traditional waste scheduling, trip scheduling is a lot faster and easier via our web portal. Staff can ensure waste collection routes and schedules are stringently followed.

How It Works

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    BLE Beacons are installed on waste bins, enabling location tracking via our map-based web platform.

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    Waste bins will automatically be detected through Bluetooth technology when within range from the staff’s mobile device. Jobs will only be permitted when the correct bin is detected.

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    Office staff are able to view bin locations at all times including current bin collection or disposal jobs.


Increase in Asset Visibility


Improvement in Scheduling


Bins Tracked

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Track waste management assets at all times. Make the smart choice today.