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Apply Automation Technology
The Smart Way With CRE

V3’s Cloud Robotics Enabler (CRE) makes it easy for businesses to benefit from automation technology without excessive spending on overhead costs, R&D, or equipment replacements.

CRE is an autonomous technology consisting of machine intelligence and smart navigation algorithms that can connect to any cloud-based fleet management software and is powered by our patented V3 Technovation Transformer Platform. By applying CRE technology, you can transform pre-existing manual machines into autonomous robots or create intelligent Autonomous Guided Vehicles (AGVs).

How CRE Autonomous Technology Benefits You

Better Asset Investment

Save on overhead costs and create new value for existing equipment.

Reduce time to market icon

Reduce Time-To-Market

Skip ahead to solution implementation with proven R&D.

Improve Productivity

Let machines assist with your low-skilled, labour-intensive tasks.

Global workplace

Works Anywhere

Autonomous solutions work safely and efficiently in any environment.

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CRE-Powered Navigation Technology

Skip time-consuming R&D and create high-tech AGVs with CRE-powered navigation technology that has been successfully deployed across industries.

CRE-powered AGVs are capable of navigating any environment with ease and little to no human intervention. Advanced navigation sensors eliminate the need for external infrastructure installations while ensuring safe operations and uninterrupted workflows. Equipped with machine learning features, CRE-powered AGVs can learn routes and tasks at the press of a few buttons and enable remote access to data anywhere in the cloud.

Find out how our CRE navigation technology can benefit your AGV development.

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CRE-Powered Robots

Transform existing manual machines into self-driven robots that improve productivity and are adaptable to any environment with CRE-powered technology.

CRE-powered robots are cost-effective, quick, and easy to implement. By transforming your manual machines into autonomous robots, any low-skilled or labour-intensive work processes are immediately automated, allowing your staff to focus on higher-level tasks. Additional image capturing features and cloud-based data access enable smart reporting, analysis, and remote monitoring in ways that are unachievable with traditional machines and manual workflows.

Find out how CRE can benefit your workforce and add value to existing machine assets.

Perfect For All Machines

Equip any industrial or service machinery with CRE and turn it into an autonomous robot. These include:

  • Cleaning Scrubber
  • Tow Tractor
  • Forklift
  • Security Robot
  • Delivery Robot
  • Cart/Trolley
  • Pallet Truck
  • Pallet Stacker

Trusted By Over 5,000 Clients

Trusted by some of the most successful companies around the world.

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Let robotics enable productivity for your business. Make the smart choice today.