Workforce Management Software Solution

Save Time & Boost Productivity with Workforce Management Software

Eliminate the challenges of managing large resources and a field workforce. Built on our powerful V3Nity™ software engine, our Workforce Management Solution enables you to track your field force, plan your resources efficiently, schedule jobs in minutes, eliminate paperwork and analyse performance all in one place. With an easy way to manage via one centralised platform, your team can save time on manual processes and coordination efforts.

All-in-One Workforce Management System

Job Forms

Customise job report forms for quicker and more relevant documentation.

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Focus on more important assignments with automated processes that allow faster turnaround times.


Digitalise workflows, simplify operations and save costs for your company’s growth.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Analyse performance and move towards industry-leading service quality that meets your customers’ needs.

Simplified & Efficient Workforce Management
That Boosts Performance

V3’s Workforce Management Solution makes your entire job fulfilment process fast, seamless and convenient for your field force. Our solution enables your operations managers to oversee all work activities from start-to-end with ease, allow them to focus on higher priority tasks, and also ensure that work orders are completed to customer satisfaction.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Real-Time Monitoring

Assign new or ad-hoc jobs to field workers and receive updates the moment a job is completed for
up-to-date reporting.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Work Performance Monitoring

Assess field workforce productivity by monitoring staff movement to ensure staff are at work.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

On-Time Appointment Alerts

Built-in calendar and job alerts in our mobile platform help your field workers stay updated on schedule changes.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Job Progress Tracking

Analyse data collected from the monitoring of completed jobs to track KPIs and progress of active jobs.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Digitalised & Automated Planning

Real-time updating and analytics result in easier resource allocation, seamless job reassignment, and reduced paperwork.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Web-Based Solutions

Reduce manual paperwork, prevent lost forms and human errors, enable data recovery and online accessibility, and increase scheduling efficiency.

How Our Workforce Management Solution Works

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    Track & Schedule Jobs

    Plan jobs, track work progress and locate field personnel via our web portal.

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    Update Job Status

    Keep your back-office in the loop on job progress the moment your field staff updates a job status from our mobile app.

  • 3

    Track Job Performance via Analytics

    Use smart analytics for efficient allocation of assignments and resources, and enhancement of current work processes.

Complement Our Workforce Management System With Our Innovative Technologies

A Patented Technology

Vertical Location Tracking via
Wi-Fi Positioning System

V3 Smart Technologies incorporates vertical positioning technology to intelligently capture attendance-related information via public Wi-Fi.

With this innovative approach, V3 can accurately monitor staff locations with a high degree of precision, regardless of their position on each building level.

How It Works
Get Started

Field staff log in to their account on their mobile device.

Perform Routine Work

No further action is required by your field staff. They shall proceed with their work as per normal.

Capture Information

WAP taps on existing public Wi-Fi to capture information of workers who enter or pass by a designated area.

Monitor Captured Data

Information such as date, time and location will be captured and stored for monitoring.

Workforce Management with

Bluetooth Beacon
Positioning Systems

Get instant updates on staff locations and job statuses through our mobile app whenever they pass through an area set up with our Bluetooth Beacons. Enable comprehensive monitoring by setting up multiple beacons across designated work zones.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.
How It Works
Get Started

Bluetooth beacons will be set up around a designated work area. Each Bluetooth beacon will cover a 10-meter radius.

Receive Assignments

Your field staff will receive job assignments when they are in the Bluetooth beacon’s radius. Correspondingly, their location will be sent to the monitoring officer.

Update Tasks

Your field staff will be able to indicate that tasks have been completed, and accept other assignments in the beacon radius.

Be in The Loop

Managers will be able to better plan tasks with information such as date, time and location which are captured by the system.


Increase in Productivity


Increase in Customer Satisfaction


Increase in Operational Cost Savings

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