Real-time PPE Detection, Using Powerful Computer Vision and AI

Real-Time PPE Detection with Computer Vision & AI

Construction ranks amongst the most dangerous industries in the world, with safety being a top concern for companies worldwide. On a daily basis, it is critical to ensure your site workers are following workplace regulations and are properly equipped with personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect themselves from accidents.

V3’s video analytics solution allows construction companies to vigilantly keep an eye on workplace safety violations and be alerted in real-time. With our solution, you can tighten safety measures across all construction sites, gather proof of safety breaches, and drastically reduce risk of accidents altogether.

What PPE Detection Does

Detects PPE Equipment on Staff

PPE Detection
on Staff

Our cutting-edge system is capable of detecting whether staff members are wearing their construction gear, including PPE vests, helmets, boots, and gloves, irrespective of lighting conditions or manufacturer.

Enables Remote Monitoring of Construction Sites

Remote Construction Site Monitoring

Increase safety measures across all your construction sites with our advanced system, which allows construction site managers to monitor and oversee safety across all areas of their sites from a single, user-friendly platform.

Offers Real-time Alerts for Workplace Safety Violations

Safety Alerts

Improve safety compliance by receiving real-time alerts when PPE guidelines are not followed, enabling quick corrective action to be taken to ensure workers are protected at all times.

Provides Video Records of Workplace Situations

Workplace Video Recordings

Gather valuable video data on workplace safety and potential hazards with our solution, which can be used to identify and prevent accidents in the workplace.

How Our PPE Detection Solution Works

  • 1

    Activate Detection

    Our construction site surveillance cameras offer real-time video streaming and can integrate with existing camera infrastructure to deliver optimal coverage and cost-efficiency.

  • 2

    Automate Alerts

    Instant alerts are provided by our system when PPE guidelines are not being followed, helping to prevent workplace accidents and ensure worker safety.

  • 3

    Analyse Data

    Gain valuable insights into construction site operations with our actionable information and reporting, accessible to site managers.

With V3’s PPE Solution, You Can

Minimise Workplace Accidents

Minimise Workplace

Stay one step ahead of potential dangers in hazardous construction areas with our system’s real-time, automated alerts.

Comply with Government Regulations

Comply with Regulations

Ensure full compliance with workplace safety regulations at all times, with no critical details overlooked.

Increase Productivity


Reduce the need for manual workplace safety monitoring and take action only when necessary, with our efficient system.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Lower Insurance

Harness the power of intelligent video analytics to ensure that workplace safety standards are fully met and to minimize the risk of accident claims.

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