V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Join Us As A Leader Of Technological Change

V3 Smart Technologies is looking for business partners to join in creating best-in-class process automation solutions which change how people work around the world.

We are an award-winning technological solutions company with a strong ASEAN presence specialising in cloud robotics, workforce and fleet management with a rapidly expanding portfolio. Currently, we are looking for technology partners, resellers, strategic partners, and OEMs and will work with you to achieve your business goals and the highest possible return on partnerships.

Why Partner With V3 Smart Technologies

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Forward Thinking Technology

We are constantly innovating and making improvements amidst evolving competition. With V3’s cutting-edge innovations, our partners enjoy numerous competitive advantages that keep them ahead in today’s dynamic business environment.

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Reliable R&D

We create patented technologies which are scalable, usable and reliable across many industries. As our partner, you stand to benefit from our strong foundation in R&D and in delivering unparalleled solutions to clients.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Proven Track Record

Our award-winning solutions are backed by close to two decades of expertise and are successfully implemented around the world. We are also strategically aligned with key partners to build a solid presence in target markets.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Growing Market Presence

Based in Singapore with a strong ASEAN presence that is growing rapidly on a global scale, we have direct presence in India, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Myanmar, Middle East and Europe. Currently, we are securing partners and expanding to new global markets.

Dedicated Support Team

Dedicated Support Team

Our support team works with valued partners and clients to each parties’ benefit. We believe in innovation, collaboration and delivering the best customer experience in every client interaction. Partners can leverage on our resources to strengthen their business and build attractive new revenue streams.

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Flexible Solutions

As a technology company, we are laser-focused on innovating distinctive technologies which are scalable, future-proof and customisable to various businesses and changing industry needs. With our technical expertise and professional support, successful solution implementation is ensured.

Grow your business with industry leading technologies of the future.