Automated Weighbridge System

Save Time & Labour On Weighbridge Operations

V3’s Automated Weighbridge System streamlines weighing operations by eliminating the need for weighbridge operators. With our IoT technology, truck drivers can perform weighing operations themselves, round-the-clock. Our system identifies the trucks and captures weight information, which is then be sent to our web dashboard for monitoring.

Automated weighbridge systems are applicable across all industries, from waste management to construction, offering the benefits of lowered operating costs and increased labour efficiency.

IoT Weighbridge Features

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Fully Automated

Drivers can easily perform weigh readings by themselves using V3’s automated weighbridge system, without needing assistance from weighbridge operators.

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Secure Vehicle Identification

V3’s automated weighbridge system identifies vehicles and drivers to prevent unauthorised use and captures digital records of every vehicle at the weighing site.

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Live Data Monitoring

V3’s automated weighbridge system automatically calculates weigh readings, while enabling live monitoring capabilities through our user-friendly dashboard at all times.

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Automated Traffic Signals & Barriers

Use of IoT sensors allow traffic flow control by ensuring vehicles are positioned correctly for weigh readings and to prevent drivers from proceeding too soon.

Advantages of IoT enabled Weighbridge

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Monitor All Weighbridges

Receive live alerts and monitor events across multiple weighbridges from a single web platform.

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Increase Labour Efficiency

Self-service weighbridges do not require weighbridge operators, saving operating costs and manpower resources.

24*7 Operations

Faster, 24/7 Operations

Automated weighbridge operates faster compared to traditional weighbridge, and can be used round the clock without needing additional manpower.

How It Works

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    The automated barrier system controls traffic flow at the weighbridge. Once a vehicle drives onto the scale bridge, V3’s Automated Weighbridge System utilises advanced technology to quickly and accurately identify the vehicle plate, allowing for seamless weighing operations.

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    Our innovation solutions include installed sensors on the vehicle container that measure fill level percentage. Our weighbridge system also utilises weight sensors on the scale bridge to ensure that the vehicle is positioned correctly for accurate weight capture before allowing the driver to proceed.

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    V3’s weighbridge system captures important data such as fill level percentage and weight, and timestamped for easy monitoring in our user-friendly web portal. Back-office staff can view this data in real-time, across all weighbridges, allowing for effective operational optimisation.


Increase in Labour Efficiency


Self-Service Operations


Weighbridges Automated

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