V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Experience The V3 Difference

The V3Nity™ brand is developed and owned by V3 Smart Technologies, a pioneer of M2M mobility solutions since 2002.

As a company that thrives on innovation and development, we never settled for simply being one of Asia’s first cloud-based telematics companies. We wanted to be more than that. We strive to be the most comprehensive, responsive and reliable partner for our customers. Hence, the birth of V3Nity – a proprietary platform that thrives on utilising artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning and predictive analytics.

V3Nity Delivers Unparalleled Solutions Through Constant Innovation

Security Enhanced

V3Nity ensures no third party has access to your customers’ data at its processing centre.

Scalability Assured

Our services scale seamlessly with our customers’ needs as they expand in size or regions.

Stability Demonstrated

V3Nity has proven to be stable over the past ten years. Continuous improvement and upgrades enhance performance over time.

The First-Ever M2M Telematics Platform Developed In Asia

V3 Service Diagram

Powerful, stable and secure, our proprietary V3Nity software engine was developed with the goal of providing the most comprehensive, vertically-integrated mobility solutions to customers. Our V3Nity technology architecture is scalable and interfaces with third-party database systems and applications. Technological features include:

  • Powerful algorithms for optimisation, routing and communication modules
  • Integrated geo-spatial information systems (GIS)
  • Location determination tools

Using V3Nity as a platform, we are able to offer highly customisable, broad solutions offerings, ranging from IoT enabled asset monitoring and management systems to intelligent self-navigating robotics. Since our founding of the V3Nity brand, we have helped businesses maximise operations to gain better visibility, velocity and variability for their mobile assets.

Let our technology empower your business. Make the smart choice today.