Why You Should Use AI Predictive Maintenance To Reduce Vehicle Downtime And Costs

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Keeping track of vehicle maintenance is difficult for most fleet managers who are trying to manage both vehicle servicing schedules, and also daily fleet operations. However, with AI predictive maintenance, fleet businesses can save time on monitoring their fleets and greatly reduce downtime as well as maintenance and repair related costs.

First Of All, What Is AI Predictive Maintenance?

AI predictive maintenance uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning algorithms to predict when maintenance is required for vehicles, based on vehicle health data gathered from GPS trackers installed in vehicles.

The objective of predictive maintenance is to predict vehicle issues before they happen and prevent breakdowns altogether. Compared to regular, time-based maintenance, predictive maintenance is usage-based and has the added benefit of identifying issues beforehand. In doing so, it vastly reduces unplanned downtime and vehicle part replacement costs.

To get started on predictive maintenance, you will need to collect, filter and analyse data from fleet telematics. Using the data derived, a fleet management solution with AI predictive maintenance capability will be able to make predictions, provide recommendations, create reports based on data trends, and also be used to flag out issues and automate tasks for further action.

How Does Predictive Maintenance Help In Fleet Management?

1. Prevent Downtime

Vehicle breakdowns are costly in terms of money and downtime. Unplanned downtime is in fact the worst, as it affects customer service and also fleet productivity. Using predictive maintenance to monitor fleet health will ensure your vehicles are in good condition through regular servicing and enable you to avoid sudden unplanned downtime as much as possible.

2. Improve Vehicle Longevity

With proper maintenance servicing, your vehicles can last longer and provide more uptime. One major reason why vehicle breakdowns happen earlier than expected is because of missed servicing appointments. With predictive maintenance, you will be able to extend your vehicle lifespans through regular servicing instead of leaving repair matters to the last minute and causing further damage to engine or tyre health.

3. Improve Fleet Planning and Performance

Fleet managers can also learn important metrics from data pulled from predictive maintenance, such as fuel use, idle time, and mileage. Using data from AI powered fleet telematics, you can then efficiently monitor and understand fleet performance. This will also allow you to fully analyse your vehicle utilisation, which in turn enables informed decision making for vehicle asset investment.

4. Reduce Repair Costs

Reactive maintenance or last-minute repairs can be extremely costly when they happen, and are scenarios which no fleet owner will want to deal with. Vehicle repair costs have also risen over the last few years and inflation is not helping either. By reducing the potential for accidents and costly repairs, predictive maintenance can save fleet owners plenty of money which they can use to invest elsewhere.

5. Reduce Maintenance Costs

Other than reducing the number of repair and last-minute emergency repair costs, predictive maintenance also reduces the overall maintenance cost as a whole. As there is less need for vehicle part replacements with improved vehicle health, this will contribute greatly to your fleet maintenance cost savings overall.

Conclusion – Predictive Maintenance Provides Important Fleet Insight For Monitoring And Understanding Vehicle Health

Gaining pre-emptive data insights from predictive maintenance gives fleet owners a huge benefit and competitive edge in the industry. As a result, real-time maintenance and vehicular data can be gathered anytime to provide critical analysis on vehicle utilisation, health, safety and also provide accurate diagnoses and recommendations for fleets.

This will enable fleet owners to improve their vehicle maintenance and prolong their vehicle lifespan. By combining pre-emptive vehicle health knowledge and AI predictions with efficient maintenance monitoring and servicing scheduling, you will be able to prevent the much costlier repairs, and improve fleet asset management decisions based on the remaining useful life of your vehicles.

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