Why are GPS tracking and digitalisation a must for ultimate logistics efficiency?

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Traditional methods are no longer capable of keeping up with fast changes and high demands in the logistics world. Long gone are the days of paperwork and manual tracking. Instead, many logistics companies are using workforce management tools and GPS tracking so they can remain competitive.

This is because digitalised logistics management processes win out in terms of speed and accuracy when compared to paper-based processes. It allows businesses to be more agile and adaptable, as well as get more efficient and cost-effective. Moreover, it is convenient for tracking all your logistics delivery statuses in one place, while allowing you to identify issues and bottlenecks quickly.


What are the disadvantages of traditional logistics management processes?

There are many areas where traditional logistics management processes fail in comparison to digitalised processes.

  • One of the biggest challenges is managing the sheer volume of logistics delivery orders, invoices, and customer information. Sticking to paper records will result in disorganised, error-prone data, as well as take up massive amounts of man hours leading to poor efficiency.
  • Another challenge is the lack of real-time communications and coordination with your delivery staff and your customers. This can quickly turn into a complex logistical nightmare, especially when there are last-minute changes to schedule or sudden issues present.
  • Additionally, traditional logistics management processes are often reactive, meaning problems are not always anticipated or prevented, which can lead to costly delays and disruptions.
  • Finally, traditional logistics management processes lack visibility into the supply chain. This lack of visibility makes it difficult to identify issues and inefficiencies.


How does GPS tracking and digitalising your process help optimise your logistics operations?

Faster Delivery

The logistics and supply chain sector often deals with unprecedented problems that can slow deliveries. Using workforce management tools to track your drivers will keep you informed of any situation that is causing a delay in real-time.

Workforce management software allows you to track delivery statuses online and lets you instantly see where your vehicles are on the road. This will help businesses get their goods to their clients more quickly and efficiently.

Seamless Communication

Another important aspect of workforce management is to have clear communications across your departments and between your backend logistics staff and frontline drivers. This can be done using workforce management software to facilitate communication between drivers, managers, and other stakeholders.

More advanced software will allow you to integrate your processes smoothly, and ensure a seamless workflow from delivery scheduling and tracking of status updates to customer invoicing. By improving communication and collaboration, logistics companies can greatly reduce misunderstandings and errors.

Improved Productivity

There are many ways that workforce management software can help logistics companies improve employee productivity. One way is to automate tasks such as staff scheduling and report generation. Some types of software will allow you to customise automation levels further by setting up AI-based rules in the systems. With automation decreasing your staff’s workload, they can then focus on more important tasks.

Workforce management software also come with dashboard analytics on employee performance. Using this information, you identify areas for your staff to improve on and track KPIs more easily.

Fewer Chances of Human Error

In any business, minimising human error is key to success. But in the logistics industry, it is imperative. One small mistake can mean lost time, money, and safety hazards.

That’s where workforce management tools come in. By digitalising and automating scheduling and task management, logistics businesses can greatly reduce the chances of human error. Besides this, you can easily filter documentation online as compared to paper documents if you need to check on any possible errors.

Cost Reduction

Workforce management software can help logistics companies to monitor their fuel costs and optimise delivery schedules and routes for maximum efficiency.

Logistics companies can also track fleet maintenance with GPS-enabled fleet tools and prevent costly vehicle emergency repairs and downtime. Vehicle lifespan is also prolonged with improved vehicle maintenance.

Optimised Route Planning

Any logistics business transporting goods must make sure its route planning is efficient and cost-effective. With workforce management tools, you can automatically generate routes for your drivers based on their schedules.

This can consider traffic conditions, journey times, and driver proximity to the customer, which can then save you a lot of time and effort in planning and also help ensure that your drivers are used in the most efficient way possible.


How V3 Smart Technologies helps to enhance your logistics management process

Digitalising your logistics process is vital if you want to ensure efficient and effective operations. When it comes to logistics, every decision can have a significant impact on the bottom line. That’s why it’s so important to have a workforce management solution in place that can help you make the most informed decisions possible.

Workforce management software with GPS tracking can significantly improve this process by providing real-time data and insights that can help managers make better decisions. At V3 Smart Technologies, we understand that logistics management can be a complex and time-consuming process. That’s why we offer workforce management solutions to help you achieve higher efficiency and gain complete awareness of your logistics operation.

Our solution enables you to automate tasks, track drivers, and schedule delivery jobs, all in real-time. This can save your team time on manual tasks and coordination efforts and provide a centralised communication platform. Contact us today to learn more about our solutions.