V3 welcomes its new intern to the tech team

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

For someone who was naturally drawn to problem solving as a kid, it’s no surprise that our intern Zong Wei is now working in software development. Currently, he’s developing some key projects for our clients, helping us build prototypes which are mostly focused on intelligent video analytics. In this interview, we asked him how he’s finding his work so far, and what made him take on software programming.

1. What got you interested in software development as a career?

Ever since I was young, I have always found joy in tinkering with things and creating solutions for problems. I pursued an engineering diploma, studied mechanical hardware components and electronics, before delving into software programming. Since then, I have grown a keen interest in the field, and this got me interested in working as a software developer.

2. What do you enjoy the most about programming?

I enjoy the aspect of creation, to build something out of nothing, and solve problems. I feel a great sense of satisfaction from solving a problem and having many end users using or adopting an IT solution that I’m involved in.

3. What made you choose V3 Smart Technologies for your internship?

When I was sourcing for internships, I was specifically looking for ones which provide the opportunity to learn about Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning. This is a niche field which not many companies are offering internships for, so when I happened upon V3’s suite of products and services, it got me interested.

During my internship interview, it was mentioned that the working environment will be very agile, and I will be mostly working on prototyping and building solutions from the ground up. This resonated with my personal goals for my internship – which is to learn, and I knew there will be many opportunities to do so in such a work environment. Hence, after careful consideration, I chose V3 for my internship.

4. How do you find your work so far?

I have been working closely with V3’s team of talented developers. Although it was tough at the beginning, the team was really helpful in teaching me the ropes and introducing me to the work culture, and IT tools and frameworks used. Thanks to the team, plus the mentoring from a brilliant colleague in V3, I have gotten past the initial learning curve and have begun to get accustomed to the work here.

I am delighted that I can not only contribute but make a difference to the team. During my time here, I have developed an AI-powered video analytics solution from scratch and presented it with success to the client.

Although the work environment was unexpectedly fast-paced, I gradually got used to it and now find myself enjoying the scope of work and looking forward to what is to come.

5. What other projects do you hope to work on during your time with us? Do you have other plans in mind afterwards?

I hope to be assigned more projects while I’m interning at V3 and if possible, delve into other aspects of software aside from video analytics. It would also be great exposure to learn more about the commercial side of projects and the sales process.

Before I graduate, I hope to actively learn and seek out more internships to build up my knowledge and experience. I’d also like to explore other fields in the tech industry aside from Artificial Intelligence/machine learning, so I can gain a well-balanced skill base, and from there, zoom in to a desired specialisation.

6. Besides software development as a career, what other things interest you personally?

I am naturally a very curious person, so this has led me to pursue numerous hobbies over the years. So far, I’ve tried my hand at fish keeping, roller skating, bouldering, digital art, clay sculpting, gardening and many more.