How GPS tracking supports the construction sector

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

GPS tracking can be helpful in several sectors, but the benefits and return on investment are most noticeable in the construction sector. Construction businesses can operate more productively and profitably due to GPS tracking technology, which allows them to monitor and identify assets in real-time. Learn about the benefits of GPS tracking systems in the construction sector including how GPS tracking is utilised below.

How do construction businesses apply GPS tracking?

GPS tracking software uses the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate vehicles in real-time. Construction businesses can rely on GPS trackers to track their heavy vehicles such as trucks and lorries which may ferry construction workers or construction equipment and materials from site to site.

With GPS tracking, these businesses are able to know where their workers and vehicles are at any time of the day. Many advantages result from this, which we’ll go over in further detail later.

Why do construction companies use GPS tracking devices?

There are several benefits to using GPS tracking systems in construction. Safety, time savings, and theft prevention are just some of the top benefits you can expect when you utilise GPS tracking to improve your construction operations.

Avoid vehicle misuse

Workers sometimes use corporate vehicles for personal purposes, which can be troublesome if they get into road accidents. This is concerning for construction businesses because if an accident does happen, even if the vehicle was being used for personal reasons without your knowledge, you will still be liable for the insurance costs.

Equipping your construction vehicles with a GPS tracking system will let you know whenever unauthorised personal usage happens so you can put a stop to it immediately.

Improve safety

Construction businesses can use GPS trackers to track the driving behaviours of their workers. GPS trackers can produce alerts and reports that show the speed at which the vehicle is running. This involves determining whether the vehicle has accelerated over the assigned limit. It also indicates if the driver has performed aggressive driving, such as sharp turns or stops.

A GPS fleet management system can provide driver behaviour data for use in educating drivers on road safety. GPS tracking technology is incredibly useful in this way as it can combine real-time in-vehicle warnings, post-trip data, and predictive insights to minimise accidents by up to 30%.

Both driver competence and vehicle health play a major role in safety. Two risk factors for maintenance problems include overusing assets and neglecting routine maintenance. Construction vehicles can be prone to wear and tear after prolonged usage, particularly if the person-in-charge has a busy schedule and a backlog of work. But with a GPS fleet management system to keep you informed on vehicle health, you can maximise the lifespan of your heavy vehicles.

Streamline the way you handle your construction fleet

Even if it doesn’t happen frequently, workers sometimes aren’t there when they should be at the construction site. Using GPS tracking, you can get a real-time visual of where all of your trucks, workers, and equipment are at any given moment. This enables you to know precisely where they are.

Using GPS trackers, you can keep tabs on how many hours each driver puts in, which is helpful for calculating how much to charge clients. Based on the drivers’ arrival times at the job site, you can utilise GPS trackers to track their driving hours.

Real-time fleet data can tell you a lot on how to increase operational efficiency. Relying on data insights about your fleet usage will help you avoid delays and save money. Moreover, it can also reduce downtime and boost responsibility, which in turn improves the overall customer experience.

Why use V3’s GPS tracking system for your construction business?

Real-time fleet monitoring software from V3 Smart Technologies makes it easy to keep track of your drivers, trucks and equipment while ensuring security. You can create geofencing alerts to make dispatching easier and for convenient notifications on vehicle movements in and out of construction site locations. Know more about how V3 can benefit your construction company. Request a demo today.