Vertical Positioning Technology That Monitors Where Your Cleaning Staff Are, Even In Multi-Level Buildings

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

The cleaning industry is fast-paced and demanding, and businesses are constantly looking for ways to increase their efficiency and productivity. Fortunately, the advent of innovative technologies has made it easier than ever to streamline cleaning operations and enhance overall performance. In this article, we’ll explore how V3’s Vertical Positioning Technology and Workforce Management System can help cleaning companies improve their operations and deliver better results to their clients.

What Is Vertical Positioning Technology & How Does It Complement Workforce Management For Cleaning Services?

Vertical Positioning Technology is V3’s patented tracking solution that uses Wi-Fi Access Points to intelligently capture staff location data. By connecting to available Wi-Fi points, vertical positioning is able to monitor staff locations with a high degree of accuracy no matter where they are on each building level.

V3’s Workforce Management System provides real-time visibility into staff activities and job progress. With the V3’s Workforce Management System, cleaning companies can easily assign and track tasks, monitor staff performance, and streamline communication among team members. This powerful tool helps businesses improve their overall efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance their customers’ experience.

When combined together, V3’s Vertical Positioning Technology and Workforce Management Software create a powerful synergy that transform cleaning operations. We are able to make the entire cleaning management process virtually seamless from start to end. It gives cleaning companies the truest definition of ‘job transparency’, on top of a boost in staff planning efficiency and reduced labour costs.

How Does Vertical Positioning Technology Work?

    1. After arriving at the client location, the cleaning staff first has to log in to the workforce management mobile app and switch on their GPS location services on their phone.


    1. Cleaning staff can proceed with their daily cleaning routine as per usual and record down completed tasks in the app. They can also snap photos of completed cleaning jobs for verification.


    1. Vertical positioning will interface with GPS location services on the mobile app and tap on Wifi Access Points nearby in order to capture the horizontal and vertical locations of staff. This  information will be shown in the back-end on a live digital map to cleaning supervisors. They will be able to see at a glance which level and area their cleaning staff are at.


  1. Once the job is completed, the cleaning staff can submit their job via the mobile app. Completed job details will be available to cleaning supervisors in the back-office, allowing them to monitor job statuses in real-time and review completed jobs immediately.


How Can Cleaning Service Companies Use Workforce Management System With Vertical Positioning Technology To Improve Their Business?

1. Improve Staff Planning

Vertical Positioning Technology vastly improves the transparency of your entire cleaning workforce operations. With it, you will be able to track your cleaning staff locations more precisely in multi-level buildings. This enables you to assign the nearest available staff to new jobs quickly, thus allowing them to start and finish jobs at a faster pace. Staff with medical conditions who find it difficult to climb stairs can also be assigned to more suitable jobs depending on their location.

2. Increase Efficiency

AI-enabled workforce management tools are effective for optimising job planning. With it, you can automate scheduling and reduce paperwork, and also eliminate any hassle associated with manual processes. The superior tracking capability from vertical positioning technology will also result in less need for manual communications between your backend and frontline staff, which further speeds up the process.

3. Reduce Complaints

Real-time photo proof of work can be submitted online with location and timestamps for managers to review and ensure that work is done satisfactorily. Job ratings can also be issued to customers to gather feedback, and with the help of automation tools, any jobs with low ratings can be flagged out instantly for resolution.

4. Save Labour Costs

With better staff planning and less strain on staff monitoring, cleaners can get work done faster with the right number of people needed, and managers can invest their time on higher priority tasks. This ramps up your staff productivity by a lot, allowing you to optimise manpower and reduce your labour costs.

5. Identify Setbacks Through AI

You can glean a lot of critical insight from data analytics. AI-enabled reporting will be able to let you know which cleaning jobs take more time than planned, so you can deploy more staff to the required locations. You can also learn about staff productivity based on job completion rate charts to more easily identify the frequency and cause for cleaning delays.


By integrating Vertical Positioning Technology together with Workforce Management System, cleaning companies will be able to greatly increase their scheduling efficiency, data intelligence for manpower planning, and overall staff productivity.

As a whole, complete solution, it allows businesses to manage cleaning contracts with ease – from optimising job assignment, to monitoring in real-time, to job completion verification and job performance reporting. If you are interested to know more about our cleaning solutions for your business, contact us to know more.