Employee Spotlight: Ruchi Shukla

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

1. What inspired you to become a UI/UX Designer? How did you get started in this field?

I’ve always had a keen interest in usability and visual design back when I was an app developer. One day, a senior colleague introduced me to the term UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience), and I began casually reading about it. During my exploration, I came across a book called ‘The Design of Everyday Things’ by Don Norman, that solidified my decision to pursue a career in UI/UX. After acquiring various UI/UX certifications and working 3.5 years in the field, I can say that my passion for UI/UX is unwavering, and I am determined to keep advancing.


2. Can you tell us about a project that you worked on in the past that you are particularly proud of?

I had the opportunity to work on a complex blockchain project during my tenure at my previous organization. After overcoming challenges such as navigating government regulations and other obstacles, I took pride in successfully completing the project. The experience taught me that facing and overcoming hurdles with determination and perseverance only serves to strengthen one’s abilities.


3. What’s your favourite project management tool or software. How has it helped you in your role?

When it comes to project management tools, my preferred choices are Jira, Notion, Figma, and Excel. The selection of tools may vary depending on the organization I am working with. By using these tools, I can ensure that I meet my deadlines, stay productive, and maintain a high level of proficiency in my work.


4. How have you grown professionally as a UI/UX Designer in V3?

My experience as a UI/UX Designer with V3 has truly been great for me. Fleet management is a completely new concept, so it is particularly intriguing to design solutions tailored to fleet business’ needs. Also, being able to engage in pre-sales activities adds to my interest and allows me to learn and broaden my perspective on the tasks at hand. I am genuinely excited about future opportunities where I can contribute to upcoming projects at V3.


5. What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done. Would you do it again?

One of the most thrilling adventures I have had was taking a solo trip to the Leh-Ladakh region, known for its treacherous and exhilarating roads. I rode on the world’s highest pass, Umling La, at an altitude of 19,300 feet, amid low oxygen levels and freezing temperatures. This journey was far from ordinary, as it taught me the importance of perseverance and enjoying the process while striving towards my destination, and also to live with confidence.


6. Can you share any insights or lessons that you’ve learned throughout your career. How have these experiences shaped your approach to designing user interfaces?

Maintaining a positive mindset and having a clear vision of my goals have been crucial lessons in my career. Throughout my personal and career journeys, I have discovered the importance of continuously exploring what the market has to offer. While not every tool is necessary to learn, it is crucial to master the ones that are most valuable and stay updated with the latest trends.

When it comes to user experience, I have realized the significance of setting aside biases and creating an environment that fosters empathy towards the user. This approach has greatly aided me in designing with the user’s needs and preferences at the forefront.


7. What’s a motto you follow in regards to your career?

A personal motto that resonates with me is to “grow in your professional life like a seasoned oak, gaining strength, and wisdom with every passing year.”