Celebrating 20 Years of Continuous Innovation at V3 Smart Technologies

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

20 years ago, we began with just our core solutions in fleet management and one goal – to help businesses digitally transform themselves and maximise their productivity. From there on, we started developing our solutions to target the evolving challenges which our customers face.

Fast forward to the present and we’re now a leading smart solutions provider in Asia. We serve customers worldwide from our headquarters in Singapore, and have regional offices in Malaysia, India, Indonesia and the Philippines.

On our 20th anniversary this year, we’re proud to share with you how our company came to be, and what constant innovation means to us.

How our purpose drives us to innovate

V3 started out with a purpose – ‘to reimagine technology in ways which can bring about lasting benefits for businesses worldwide’. With each change happening around the world, businesses have to tackle new challenges in their industries, environmental sustainability, tough competition and rising customer demands.

Through the implementation of smart technologies, we seek to give our customers an edge, so they can boost their performance and overcome obstacles with ease. Over time, we’ve expanded our solution offerings from fleet and workforce optimisation to include robotic and AI solutions, further enabling businesses to automate their operations and reach higher productivity like never before.

Branching out from our core: V3Nity and our patented solutions

We created V3Nity – our software platform for all our solutions, so we can provide businesses with highly customisable, stable, scalable and diverse solution offerings.

Our V3Nity platform fuses together various solution modules in one system, and enables businesses to integrate these solutions across their ERP systems and web applications. We’ve steadily added on new technologies and digital tools which aid our customers in everything from monitoring their vehicles, staff and premises in real-time, to gathering business intelligence from data, to AI for automation of work.

Our patented solutions were also created in response to solve existing and forecasted challenges for our customers. To date, our patents include vertical location tracking for enhanced workforce monitoring, AI driving risk management for improved road safety and auto insurance pricing, and cloud-based robotics for optimised labour.

V3’s milestones: how we grew our presence

Before we became regionally known and recognised as an award-winning tech innovator, we were a local startup working primarily on fleet tracking solutions.

As our solutions broadened, so did our customers. Take a look at our milestones to see how we got where we are today.


Continuing to create solutions that think about the future

Over the past 2 decades, we’ve made it our goal to help businesses stay relevant and on top of their competition with smart technologies. In order to do so, we’re focused on solutions development that’s innovative in solving current and future challenges. In the recent years alone, we’ve rolled out new solutions such as facial recognition for security, AI driving risk management for EVs and AVs, AI dimensioning solution for logistics, and IoT solutions for vehicle and smart building connectivity.

We would like to thank our loyal customers for staying with us. Our team at V3 is always happy to see our solutions contribute to your growth. To learn more about our solutions and how we may be able to help your business, drop us a message anytime.