5 factors for forklift manufacturers to develop automated forklifts

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Automated forklifts are available from several of today’s top forklift manufacturers. However, not all forklift manufacturers are in the business of developing automated forklifts, and as a result, miss out on AGV market expansion. Is your business one of them?

Manufacturers of manually operated forklifts may worry that they will cut into their own profits by selling automated forklifts. But what they don’t realise is that not including autonomous vehicles in their product offerings will cause them to ultimately fall behind competitively once more customers transition to automated forklifts in the future.

Here, we have put together five critical reasons why your business should act immediately and invest in forklifts that are fitted with automated navigation technology.


Statistics show that the market for industrial vehicles is increasingly shifting towards those which utilise autonomous navigation technology. The International Federation of Robots predicted that automated guided vehicles (AGVs) would account for more than 700,000 units sold in service robotics next year. Over 75% of future revenues are expected to come from manufacturing and warehousing, the two primary business groups driving this expansion.

As a result, we can predict that owners of manual forklifts will continue to seek driverless options. There are a variety of motives for this, ranging from a company’s desire to save money to its willingness to serve customers better. However, a more typical rationale is that AGVs solve the problem of sourcing and retaining forklift drivers. To enhance workplace safety, companies may also be seeking to reduce the number of accident occurrences. Also, following the aftermath of COVID-19, many companies are considering automation to improve business sustainability when faced with unexpected challenges like limited manpower resources.

In other words, even loyal customers might look elsewhere in the future if you don’t expand your offerings to include automated forklifts.


Automated guided forklifts (AGFs) aren’t only being purchased by those who want to get rid of their old manual vehicles. Companies are also purchasing automated forklifts for newly built facilities and logistics/distribution hubs with the goal of fully automating their operations and adding to their profit margin.

Normally, your business would not be in contact with these companies which are involved in developing new, fully automated building projects. However, sales and marketing efforts should guarantee that you will be able to push out automated forklift offerings to this untapped group of potential customers.


If you are an automated forklift developer, you can also make use of and benefit from your own automated forklifts in your warehousing, manufacturing or logistical operations.

To take advantage of the efficiency gains associated with AGVs and to produce your products at lower costs and potentially scale up production, you can automate your internal processes with AGVs, such as pickups and drop-offs or materials movement from area to area within your shopfloors.

Additionally, by putting your AGVs to the test in a real-world setting, you will gain better knowledge of your customers and their needs.


Robotics engineering is a popular career choice for many of recent graduates. By including automated forklifts in your plan, you can increase your talent base and bring valuable perspectives and skillsets into your organisation.

Moreover, you will be able to retain your current employees by introducing them to automation as a new challenge in their line of work.


It’s all about perception. Forklift manufacturers may be seen as outdated nowadays if they do not offer automated forklifts.

Naturally, customers who are in the market for a forklift provider will seek out firms who have a solid track record. Customers will also desire peace of mind that their provider is sustainable and innovative enough to meet evolving challenges in the future.

Suppose your company can provide both manual and automated vehicles. In this case, it will reinforce your brand image, ensuring that your company is seen as up-to-date and forward-thinking while maintaining its long-standing, well-respected reputation as a forklift provider.


At V3 Smart Technologies, we have been creating advanced robotics solutions for businesses and manufacturers for a long time. Over the past decade, we have built up a track record in fitting vehicles or equipment with AGV navigation systems and software, enabling businesses to go smoothly from manual to fully automated operations.

Our smart Cloud Robotics Enabler (CRE) solution for process automation is ideal for manufacturing automated vehicles such as forklifts.

Want to increase your customer base and usher in a new revenue with automated forklifts in your product offerings? Get in touch with us and see how you can easily develop AGVs in the fastest time-to-market possible by leveraging on our proven AGV expertise.