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Use GPS Tracking To Your Greatest Advantage

V3 equips you with advanced fleet telematics, giving you complete fleet visibility and real-time data
insight to save you cost and energy on managing your fleet.

Monitor In Real-Time

Track current and historical
fleet movement to better
coordinate vehicle dispatch
and communicate with drivers
on the road.

Track Driver Behaviour

Monitor unsafe or
inappropriate driving
behaviour to minimise
accidents and help drivers
improve their performance.

Enforce Fleet Security

Keep your fleet operations
running securely with driver
identification accessories and
anti-tampering and fuel theft alerts.

Oversee Movements in
Geofenced Areas

Set up geofence areas and
ensure all drivers are moving
within geofence premises and
not making unauthorised trips.

Route Optimisation

Use system-assisted route
planning to find the shortest
and most fuel-savvy routes to
save time and fuel cost.

Enable Predictive

Upkeep your vehicle health
regardless of fleet size easily
with automated maintenance
alerts and avoid downtime and
service disruptions.

Get Instant Alerts

Be notified via email or SMS
for a wide range of vehicle-
related events such as
dangerous driving behaviour,
COE expiry and geofence exits.

Improve Fleet Decisions

Use our comprehensive
system generated fleet reports
to gain real-time, in-depth
understanding on your fleet
operations for smarter fleet

IoT Sensors
for Enanced Tracking

Install additional IoT devices
such as temperature and fuel
sensors to expand on your
fleet monitoring capabilities
and upgrade fleet security.

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PSG grant

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Frequently Asked Questions

A GPS tracking system is a solution used to manage vehicles in a company. It consists of fleet monitoring hardware and software which seeks to help fleet managers with preventive vehicle maintenance, GPS location tracking, route optimisation, driver behaviour monitoring, and fuel management.

Using a GPS tracking system will allow fleet managers to:

  • Ensure vehicle locations and statuses are visible at all times, in real-time.
  • Keep transparent records of driving hours, monitor driver entries and exits within premises, and track that the vehicles are not misused.
  • Use system algorithms to plan fastest routes that will save time and fuel.
  • Track driver safety and performance through dashboard charts, which can be used for driver training programs.
  • Set reminders for vehicle maintenance schedules and prevent downtime due to negligence.
  • Improve understanding of fleet operations with reports on fleet performance, vehicle health and fuel usage.

A tracking device is installed on the vehicle, which will collect vehicular data such as mileage, diagnostics, driving patterns, and so on. It also connects to GPS satellite signals to know where the vehicle is located at all times. This data is then sent through cellular networks to servers, from which you will be able to view organised fleet data from the fleet management software, on devices such as your mobile, tablet or PC.

Small to large fleet operating businesses can all benefit from a GPS tracking system. Companies which rely on vehicles to carry out important aspects of their businesses typically use GPS tracking systems. These include those from the logistics, construction, F&B, healthcare, vehicle rental, cleaning services, pest control industries, and more. As a matter of fact, in recent years, fleet tracking is being used by more and more companies to gain valuable visibility and insight into their fleet operations.

You can consider a GPS tracking system if you are struggling with the following challenges, or if you wish to bring your overall fleet performance to the next level:

  • Poor visibility of fleet whereabouts, trip histories and fuel usage.
  • Lack of vehicle security and driver monitoring.
  • Disorganised and difficult to track fuel receipts.
  • Low fleet productivity due to poor driver management, vehicle dispatch and coordination.
  • Lack of understanding in actual fleet performance based on measurable data.
  • High fleet operating costs stemming from unoptimised fleet processes.

A lack of visibility of your fleet data can lead to unoptimised fleet management and high fleet operating costs. As operating costs tend to fluctuate, it is essential to monitor them, and this is only possible with a GPS tracking system.

Having a GPS tracking system will allow you to monitor and understand how your fleet is performing via real-time data visualisation. With such a solution, you will be able to:

  • Track fuel expenses, maintenance and vehicle utilisation easily in real-time.
  • Keep fluctuating fleet operating costs transparent and monitor them easily as well as know where costs can be reduced.
  • Reduce miles travelled with route optimisation to save fuel costs.
  • Improve driver behaviour such as speeding, harsh acceleration etc., which can contribute to higher fuel usage.
  • Optimise vehicle replacement and acquisition with better understanding of your vehicle utilisation and vehicle health/lifecycle.

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