The importance of utilising fleet technology and keeping it updated

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Managing your fleet may be difficult, but it is easier to handle if you have up-to-date fleet technology to help you. While most fleet operators believe that modest fleet sizes are simple to manage, this is a common misconception. Whether your fleet operations are small, medium, or large, you will encounter the same difficulties. As a result, every fleet owner should prioritise technology advancement to manage their vehicles more efficiently.

According to a recent study, fleet firms that rely on fleet technology generated 199 billion in 2020. Today, more businesses are utilising fleet tracking, with the fleet industry developing rapidly and being expected to thrive in the future. Facing such ever-increasing market competitiveness, it is difficult for fleet firms to flourish without utilising some sort of fleet technology.

When was the last time you improved your fleet technology? If you haven’t evaluated your fleet technology in the last couple of years, it’s time to upgrade to better fleet tools. Compared to obsolete or manual fleet management methods, having advanced fleet technology will help you keep track of all vehicle-related information and save you time. Here are some reasons why you should regularly ensure your fleet technology is up to date:

1. Improves Your Organisation’s Operational Efficiency

Do you make use of fleet management software? If you haven’t invested in a fleet management solution yet, you should definitely consider getting one because it will make vehicle monitoring much easier. With the right fleet management software, you can easily enhance fleet planning and schedule fleet activities, and also guarantee that fleet operations operate smoothly, resulting in increased production.

Modern fleet management technology is highly useful for locating your vehicles, such as verifying which locations they are parked in. Do you want to know whether your vehicles are in a busy area? Or, if they are on their way to a delivery location? Such information and more can be gathered for viewing and analysis via fleet management software.

Aside from this, fleet owners can use sensors to track vehicle speeds, determine the arrival time of their fleet, and monitor delivery truck temperatures.

2. Increases Driving Safety

Because fleet operations incorporate a significant level of risk, safety should be a top priority for any fleet organisation. With an effective fleet management system, you can analyse your driving risk indicators and interact with drivers no matter where they are. Do you wish to detect the speed of a specific vehicle? You can do so effortlessly using fleet management software.

If a driver is driving dangerously (for example, speeding, harsh braking, or idling for an extended period of time), your fleet management software will notify you via instant alerts. You can enhance driving safety by determining which drivers to send for trainings, and retain good drivers using system-generated scorecards which assess driver behaviour. Furthermore, you can decrease the danger of traffic accidents and maintain total peace of mind at all times.

3. Enhances Compliance & Visibility

Fleet compliance is critical for any fleet organisation since it affects the growth of your fleet operations and your firm’s reputation. Many large-scale fleet companies monitor different aspects of their fleet using fleet monitoring equipment with analytic capabilities. Installing fleet trackers allows you to guarantee that drivers are following traffic rules, allocated fleet schedules and cargo regulations.

Fleet telematics also offer real-time, accurate information on vehicle health and performance, allowing you to proactively manage vehicle maintenance while making informed management decisions.

4. Prevents Auto Theft

Vehicle theft incidents have grown over the years, making it a major issue for fleet owners all over the world. Fortunately, fleet management software with GPS tracking features helps to prevent such theft instances by monitoring real-time driver location, previous trip history, and if a driver has departed a geofenced zone.

The fleet management system will also notify you about fuel thefts, and enable you to track fuel usage. By analysing a driver’s fuel use per trip, you can determine if there is excessive fuel consumption and if routes need to be optimised for greater fuel economy.

5. Maintains Fleet Operation Flexibility

Needless to say, fleet management software has several advantages. In the event where you need to provide your drivers with information regarding route changes, or need to update a driver who has started their work but is headed in the wrong direction, you can quickly alert your drivers with fleet management software. Besides that, you can also easily rectify the mistake on the spot by sending them the right location.

Another example showcasing the benefits of fleet management can be seen in how it is used by taxi companies. They may use fleet management software to keep drivers up-to-date on vital information such as road traffic and last-minute appointment cancellations.

Other benefits include increased fleet safety and back-end efficiency. Notifying your drivers remotely through fleet management software is considerably safer compared to manually phoning them. Additionally, your back-office operations will become more efficient as a result of automating your fleet communications.

What to Know Before Choosing the Best Fleet Technology

Are you aware of upcoming fleet technologies and when they will become available for use? Before upgrading your technology, it is good to understand your fleet management requirements – such as whether you need to improve real-time monitoring, fuel economy, data insights, or driver safety.

Many fleet operators are already utilising artificial intelligence (AI) to improve fleet operations and acquire reliable data analysis of their vehicles. GPS tracking is another fleet management technology that is widely used by fleet managers. You can consider these tools if you need to ensure your drivers are following rules and regulations. There are also fleet management solutions which are cross-platform compatible and suitable for tracking all types of vehicles, including refrigerated trucks.

Want to upgrade your fleet technology? We suggest checking out FMS, for a powerful, all-in-one solution that can be tailored to your fleet’s specific requirements.