How field service management software helps cleaning companies to digitalise and stay competitive

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There are many advantages to using new technologies to digitalise your cleaning services, such as using field service management software to increase productivity and monitor job completion. If your cleaning company is not performing optimally with inefficient manual operations, going digital may be the ideal solution to help you speed things up and stay ahead of your competitors.

How cleaning companies can digitalise their job process with tech such as field service management software

1. Get the job done with AI-powered cleaning machines

Cleaning machines can be automated with smart AI, enabling them to navigate premises on their own to perform cleaning without needing someone to operate them. These machines are smart enough to recognise areas to be cleaned and can avoid obstacles safely.

AI is a great alternative for cleaning companies facing manpower shortage issues as it requires little human intervention to complete cleaning jobs. Most importantly, AI cleaning machines provide cleaning companies with the ability to reduce expenses in the long run and boost their productivity.

Such cleaning machines include the more commonly seen automated floor scrubber robots, as well as robots that are able to clean windows and building facades. By dispatching AI cleaning robots, you can maintain a high standard of work and increase productivity while removing work hazards and saving costs.

2. Speed up cleaning staff dispatch using field service management software

When you have many cleaning sites and staff to keep track of, job scheduling and dispatching to client cleaning request job sites can get hectic and difficult to manage. You will also need to be quick and flexible in making rearrangements for sudden ad-hoc cleaning requests and changes to cleaning schedules.

Using field service management software that comes with field staff management and scheduling features will speed up your cleaning work coordination in no time. With the help of this digital tool, you will be able to instantly locate your cleaning staff and communicate with them quickly to dispatch those who are available to new cleaning job locations.

3. Check that cleaning jobs are completed on time and to client satisfaction

Employees at cleaning companies can enhance their on-site reporting with the aid of job tracking tools that are also featured in field service management software. It enables your cleaning staff to instantly report on their job completion as well as send photo proof and work reports to your cleaning supervisors back in the office.

This way, your cleaning supervisors can have a much easier time monitoring cleanliness and save time on paperwork with digital reports that are accessible in real-time.

With field service management software, you can minimise reporting errors and also guarantee that your cleaning operations are cost-effective and time-bound. Employees can also report the start and end hours of their shifts for accurate staff time keeping.

Final Thoughts

The cleaning industry is currently undergoing a technological revolution that will increase its productivity, sustainability, and agility. Customers desire timely and trustworthy cleaning services and prefer to have proof of work and work reports as soon as possible.

Being on the cutting edge of technology will enable you to futureproof your cleaning company in the competitive cleaning service sector, which will increasingly rely on tech-driven solutions. If you are interested in field service management software, check out how our solutions are working for cleaning service companies.