5 reasons why companies choose V3 Smart Tech for fleet and field staff management

V3 Smart Technologies Pte Ltd.

Managing your field service staff and vehicles need not be overly complex, time-consuming or come with high operating costs if done right. Since its founding, V3 Smart Technologies has been working with businesses to transform the way they track their assets and monitor remote work. If you are keen on automating inefficient work flows, reducing manual errors resulting in missed appointments and wrong orders, or simply want to benefit from saving time on excessive planning and coordination, we may have the ideal solution for you.

1. Proven and scalable solutions for every industry

V3 Smart Technologies has experience in developing solutions that cater to businesses from a wide range of industries. We hold a loyal, steadily growing client base in the ASEAN region. This includes SMEs seeking a global competitive advantage, and also government bodies looking to lower labour costs and digitalise outdated work processes.

Over the years, we have accumulated a consistent track record of awards. Our solutions are recognised for their practicality in helping our clients achieve process automation, increase operational visibility, improve staff productivity, and derive data intelligence for smarter decision making.

2. Everything you need for fleet and staff management

Our solutions are designed to address the challenges faced in tracking and managing remote assets and operations. We seek to enhance visibility, increase efficiency and allow businesses to tap into valuable IoT data which they can use to improve performance and for future resource planning.

Using our Fleet Management System (FMS), fleet managers can monitor vehicles in real-time, ensure safe driving and industry legislation compliance, optimise route planning with live traffic data and system algorithms, as well as analyse fleet and driver performance through data analytics. Meanwhile, our Workforce Assignment & Mobility (WAM) solution has provided many businesses with an easy way to monitor their remote staff and speed up the scheduling and job reporting process from start to end.

3. Supporting you from pre to post-implementation

Our team will first understand your unique requirements in order to propose a solution which best solves your challenges and optimises your process. Throughout the implementation phase, we will plan for minimal to zero interference with your existing operations. Lastly, post-implementation, we will ensure that the solution is satisfactory, in addition to offering technical support and monitoring of our web-based services so they are available to you 24/7.  

4. Customisable, functional and user-friendly solutions

Our goal at V3 Smart Technologies is simple – to create IT tools that are user-friendly yet comprehensive in managing your remote assets. That is why our FMS and WAM platforms have been developed to allow users to easily create, import, view and manage data on the go.

This means you can effortlessly enable seamless work collaboration between your remote and back-end workers through the use of our web portal and mobile application. Our web portal allows users to customise digital job and report forms, specify various assets for location tracking, and group user access together to easily implement split teams/divisions. Through our mobile app, remote drivers or workers can personally manage their own tasks and track their own performance besides receiving real-time job requests.

5. Continuous innovation and technology upgrade

We are a company that prides itself in innovating solutions which enhance process automation for businesses. Our R&D team is focused on coming up with new technologies and software upgrades so we can offer greater value to clients and uncover new ways to solve their problems more effectively.

Some of our recognised innovations include best-in-class GPS positioning technology, as well as cloud robotics which is currently used in the healthcare and cleaning sectors to improve labour productivity. Besides giving you an advantage in superior technology, our solutions can also be integrated with any third-party systems and applications.

Boost your business to do more with V3 Smart Technologies’ powerful capabilities

At V3 Smart Technologies, we offer clients customisability, scalability and function all in one seamless platform. Backed by our extensive industry experience as well as regional awards, you stand to gain unparalleled flexibility and efficiency, making any remote asset tracking a breeze while boosting productivity at the same time.

If you are looking for fleet or field service management software that will improve business productivity, give you a competitive advantage, and save you on long-term operating costs, talk to our team to see what we can do for you.