10 ways AI in workforce management help field service technicians work better

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Good staff planning, strong team communications and an unhindered workflow are all necessary if you want your field service technicians to perform at their best. Intelligent, AI-enabled workforce management software makes all of this possible with task automation and data analysis.

See how you can gain increased productivity, enhanced compliance, and higher customer satisfaction with the aid of computer assistance in managing your field service technician teams.

A quick overview of AI in workforce management

AI is a fast-growing technology used by businesses in almost every industry imaginable. In recent years, its use has only multiplied as more businesses come to learn of its capabilities. When applied to workforce management software, AI is used for automating tasks and schedules, advanced monitoring, and data analytics with predictions.

AI in workforce management software enable businesses to improve staff productivity and performance. With such advanced automation, analytical, and tracking tools, business owners can maximise visibility over their operations, identify areas for improvement, address issues quickly, and empower their staff to deliver the best results on the job.

Why use workforce management software with AI capabilities?

1. Speed up task completion

Having AI assistance for task automation drastically shortens the time taken to finish tasks while enabling employees to deliver improved service. Field service technicians who use AI-driven workforce management software can expect a boost in task completion speed. Meanwhile, your backend staff can be relieved of billing and other mundane admin work.

This is because AI is amazing at removing redundant tasks in workflows. With AI tools, your staff can focus on optimising schedules and streamlining communication to provide your technicians with real-time updates on their job statuses, leading to faster job turnaround times.

2. Minimise operation costs

Labour is one of the most critical areas for businesses to focus on when controlling costs. After all, labour is often one of the most significant expenses that companies face. Fortunately, implementing AI-driven workforce management software provides businesses with increased control over their team’s productivity and the associated labour costs.

One of the most significant benefits of an AI-powered workforce management system is the way it allows businesses to reduce costs. By replacing paperwork with more productive, digitalised processes, and improving cost planning through smart analytics, businesses can save expenses associated with printing and budget allocation.

It also frees employees from time-consuming and repetitive tasks, allowing service field technicians and project managers to focus on more profitable work, which can then genuinely increase revenue and improve the bottom line. In addition, AI tracking tools can be used to monitor employee productivity and identify areas where improvement is needed. Businesses can in turn make changes that lead to increased efficiency and more significant cost savings.

3. Automate critical parts of the job

AI can catch issues which may otherwise slip past human eyes. AI-powered workforce management software can flag potential problems such as low-rated and unfulfilled work orders and immediately trigger a follow-up action. With this, you can reduce customer complaints with quick and targeted solutions and swiftly assign a field service technician to follow-up on the issue.

When paired with IoT devices, an AI-driven workforce solution provides businesses with all-around visibility of their operations in real-time. The moment the system detects anything outside of the norm, it will notify your field service technicians immediately. In industries which require fast responses, having access to real-time notifications will be a huge advantage when you’re racing against dispatch time with your competitors.

4. Oversee projects remotely with ease

Workforce management software will not only automate work for your staff, but also allow them to manage everything from schedules and invoices to customer information all in one place. Having such visibility over your operations enables your managers to make changes to schedules flexibly. As a result, your field service technicians will also be able to attend to new tasks much faster than before.

In addition, workforce management software can be used remotely so your field service technicians can access it anywhere. This means they can stay on top of their work even when they’re out in the field. And since the software is updated in real-time, they can ensure they always work with the most accurate, up-to-date information.

5. Improve collaboration across teams

Automating tasks and processes will free up time for field service technicians so that they can focus on more critical tasks. In addition, workforce management software helps to track and manage employee performance, making it easier to identify and address any issues.

Workforce management software also increases your business’s bottom line by allowing better collaboration among teams and projects. By keeping communication lines open between customers and employees, workforce management software can keep everyone on the same page and working towards the same goal.

6. Reduce error

If you’re still using paperwork to manage work orders, you’re leaving yourself open to more room for errors. On the other hand, if you are using workforce management software to track data such as work orders, job statuses, assigned technicians, assignment locations and work hours, you will be able to ensure that your data is always correct and updated in real-time.

Moreover, if your workforce management software is integrated with your existing systems, you can easily sync and access data across platforms, saving you plenty of time and effort on work order management.

7. Monitor compliance

Businesses that need to follow strict industry regulations can rely on workforce management software with computer vision AI for intelligent monitoring of their field service technicians or work sites. In such situations, surveillance cameras are set up and linked to the system, which will automatically detect onsite issues and notify if staff are not complying with rules, such as in the construction industry where PPE gear is at times neglected.

You can also track field service technician whereabouts and receive alerts if a staff has left a geofenced work zone, or if their assigned work has issues which need resolving.

8. Accurate demand forecasting

AI is capable of processing big data quickly and using machine learning to predict outcomes. AI-enhanced workforce management software can provide intelligent analytics based on real-time data from historical trends.

Such information can be tailored to include important details on staff productivity, job completion performance, customer satisfaction rates, and more. With this, business owners can make use of historical data to get accurate predictions on future operations, and avoid overstaffing or understaffing when scheduling staff rosters.

9. Increase work productivity

Because AI-driven workforce management software helps a lot with automating your tasks and processes, it frees up a lot of time for your managers, giving them time to carry out other more important tasks.

With computer-assisted work scheduling, managers can schedule, cancel, reschedule and create follow-up jobs as they please and automate job scheduling. Machine learning will then generate optimised job schedules based on given field service technician availability, staff requirement and location, removing the need for your managers to spend long hours on planning.

10. Engage employees and customers

Workforce management solutions with AI tracking and optimisation features are excellent tools for balancing staff workload and keeping them updated on project statuses, especially on peak business days.

Time tracking allows businesses to track technician work hours and ensure they are getting enough rest hours as required by law for some cases such as drivers who work long shift hours. Meanwhile, task management helps service technicians keep track of their tasks and deadlines and prioritize their work.

Being able to easily see their project progress and take note of upcoming tasks will help your staff manage their time better and stay on track with their projects. At the same time, they can focus on delivering better service to customers.

How are we helping businesses with AI-enabled workforce management solutions at V3?

In today’s business world, efficient workforce management is essential to company success. There are a lot of different factors that go into managing a workforce, from employee scheduling to tracking productivity. At V3 smart tech, we equip businesses with AI-enabled workforce management tools that do everything from smart computer vision monitoring to automated scheduling and task automation, not to mention intelligent analytics.

Using these tools, you can drastically reduce manual workloads, track task completion and satisfaction, ensure compliance, and also assess performance to make informed decisions that truly drive up your productivity.

Our AI-enabled workforce management software is suitable for businesses of all sizes and operational challenges. We can help your staff save time and stay organised while empowering them to do more. Talk to us to know what we can do for you.